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Malware Tools | Posted 1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Did ZoneAlarm Cross The Line? | 1,466 views

Several news sites are reporting that the authors of the popular ZoneAlarm firewall software are using a new advertizing scheme to push products. The popup windows are not appreciated by some because they resemble the scareware tactics of malware authors. …

Malware Tools | Posted 14 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Valentine’s Day Malware | 1,343 views
Click Me Candy Heart

The Valentine’s Day malware is making its rounds. Disguised as ecards or greetings, the malware hopes to entice unsuspecting recipients into clicking on the links which are sent in email. Once clicked, the recipient gets a whole bunch of surprises …

Malware Tools | Posted 22 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on IObit Security 360 | 2,261 views
IObit Security 360 (IS360) is a malware and spyware removal tool. This application has a very simple interface to several very nice tools. The main features are quickly accessed with just a couple of clicks. Updates are very easy to apply. There is an update button on the main startup screen. We checked for updates before running any tests. We used a Dell Latitude 820 running XP along with a variety of other security tools.
Malware Tools | Posted 15 Apr 2005 | Comments Off on SpywareBlaster | 3,116 views

Our first anti-spyware tool takes a simple approach. Rather than scanning and cleaning, SpywareBlaster aims to prevent malicious sites from installing unwanted software. The publisher of Spybot Search and Destroy recommends SpywareBlaster to control ActiveX installations.


The test computer …

Malware Tools | Posted 31 Mar 2005 | Comments Off on Spyware Begone | 1,257 views

Spyware and adware infections are now increasing to epidemic proportions. There are several ways for spyware and adware to get installed on a target computer. The most common method is bundling it with other freely downloadable applications, but some sites …