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Defense In Depth | Posted 19 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Beware of PDFs | 1,163 views

Attackers are hoping to cache in on the fact that vulnerable versions of Adobe Reader are still in use. The PDFs are being sent with pleas for help. Help! I can’t upload this file. Help! I can’t read this PDF.

Site News | Posted 16 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Free Advertising | 1,714 views
Black Billboard

We might be a little crazy for doing this, but we going to offer free advertising for anyone that publishes a security or privacy related application. It’s just an experiment. It does not matter if the app is commercial or …

This Connection is Untrusted

It’s not simply an annoyance. Occasionally Firefox will encounter an issue with a website’s SSL certificate. It will present the user with a full page warning stating that This Connection is Untrusted before proceeding to the web page. At this …

Quick Tips | Posted 6 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Secure Database Connections in WordPress | 1,637 views

If you are setting up a WordPress site with an SSL certificate in a shared environment such as an ISP or hosting center, one of the things that you need to consider is the connectivity to your database. If you

Data Management | Posted 3 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Password Management Strategies | 1,569 views
Secure Data

The best password management strategies start with good policy. Everyone who uses a password to gain access to restricted resources needs to understand the responsibility and stewardship that they inherit when they keep passwords. Be sure that password policies are …