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Data Management | Posted 20 Dec 2005 | Comments Off on TrueCrypt Virtual Disk Encryption | 1,636 views

TrueCrypt creates virtual encrypted disks on Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is based on a project called Encryption for the Massess (E4M). TrueCrypt provides “on-the-fly” encryption to automatically encrypt files as they are save to the virtual volume. …

Malware Tools | Posted 15 Apr 2005 | Comments Off on SpywareBlaster | 3,116 views

Our first anti-spyware tool takes a simple approach. Rather than scanning and cleaning, SpywareBlaster aims to prevent malicious sites from installing unwanted software. The publisher of Spybot Search and Destroy recommends SpywareBlaster to control ActiveX installations.


The test computer …

Malware Tools | Posted 31 Mar 2005 | Comments Off on Spyware Begone | 1,257 views

Spyware and adware infections are now increasing to epidemic proportions. There are several ways for spyware and adware to get installed on a target computer. The most common method is bundling it with other freely downloadable applications, but some sites …